Our mission

Girls Rock New Orleans uses music education to create a youth centric space that encourages creative expression and fosters social consciousness. Our organization works to build the collective power of girls, trans, and gender non-conforming community within Greater New Orleans.


Our programs

Summer Rock Camp: A week-long summer program for youth ages 9-15. Campers will learn to play an instrument (guitar, bass guitar, keys, drums, or trumpet) and form a band with which they will write an original song to perform at the end of the week at our Camper Showcase! During the week campers will also attend workshops focused on gender justice, anti-oppression, song writing, do-it-yourself media creation, and more!!

Teen Mentor Camp: A series of workshops for 16-19 year olds informed by social awareness, mentorship training, band building and more. Teen Mentors will develop and strengthen their advocacy skills to lift themselves and their peers up, and practice their facilitation skills in mentorship positions at Summer Rock Camp!

School Days: An after school program at Homer A. Plessy Community School engaging youth 8-13.



Is it just for girls?

Girls Rock New Orleans believes in self-determination of gender. Summer Rock Camp and Teen Mentor Camp welcome All marginalized genders (including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, gender nonconforming, two-spirit and questioning)

What do we stand for?

We recognize that in a political climate that fuels hatred against oppressed communities we have a duty to support each other and broaden our own fights.   We specifically acknowledge that the rights and the lives of people of color, trans and gender non-conforming people, immigrants, the poor and working class, indigenous people, Muslims, and many others are at a higher risk of being targeted for who they are. Girls Rock New Orleans will challenge ourselves and others to build a more intersectional feminism whenever possible. We are committed to making sure that we show up for those who are pushed to the margins and continue to work toward liberation for all.


Do campers need to own an instrument, or have experience playing one?

Absolutely not! Instruments are provided for the week, and Girls Rock New Orleans welcomes campers at every level of musical ability and experience.


How much does Summer Rock Camp cost?

Girls Rock New Orleans is accessible to all campers regardless of their economic
situation. Full tuition is $300 for the week, but we operate on a sliding-scale
basis. Please see our camper application for more details. Lunch and snacks are


How is Girls Rock Camp funded?

Our sliding-scale tuition is made possible by the generous donations of our community and the work of our volunteers.

Girls Rock New Orleans is a state-registered nonprofit, and donations are tax
deductible. We are fiscally sponsored by and closely aligned with RUBARB Bike Project, a non-profit founded in 2006 which teaches community members how to repair, build and maintain bicycles. RUBARB specifically focuses on youth development through its earn-a-bike program, monthly field trips and open shop hours.


How did Girls Rock New Orleans start?

The first Girls Rock camp began in Portland, Oregon in 2001. Inspired by the this model, over 40 organizations have since formed in cities across the globe, making up the Girls Rock Camp Alliance


Why bring Girls Rock New Orleans?

Our city’s thriving musical community ranges from jazz to bounce, and includes historians, recording artists, street performers, composers, teachers, and DJs. At the same time, many young people in New Orleans face limited access to extracurricular activities, inadequate infrastructure such as playgrounds and parks, and a lack of available social services. This can be especially challenging for non-male youth in male-dominated educational and musical spaces. In a post-Katrina landscape where communities still struggle to rebuild, Girl Rock is a resource in a long musical tradition.